About Pyroguard      
Design, Installation, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance of these systems that include:
Fire Hydrant System.
Sprinkler Systems.
Fire Alarm Systems.(Conventional & Addressable).
Building Management Systems.
HFC-227ea systems (FM 200 /NAF S 227).

Gas Flooding Systems [NAF S 125,NAF S III,CO2 Gas.)
Inert Gas Systems. (IG–01/1G-55/IG-100).
Water Mist Systems.
NOVEC 1230 Systems.
Plumbing Works.
Aspiration Detection Systems.
Access Control Systems.
Closed Circuit Television Systems.
Door Frame Metal Detectors.
Fire Safety Association of India - Life Time Member  

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Designing the Systems
The Pyroguard team has been involved in the designing & execution of projects of different kinds, at different locations throughout India. The projects have been for various private & public sector companies, on direct or through Consultants/Engineering Companies.

Our success is solely attributable to our Quality and Timely Execution of Projects. We offer our services as co-partners in prevention of all types of resource loss in an organization & thus forming an important integral part of key management function. Our reason of success is due to our company’s capability, dynamism & flexibility to adjust to the changing needs of industry & being able to understand & embrace various fields and disciplines of the industry. Moreover by enhancing our cost effectiveness within the same cost, we provide comprehensive solutions integrating man & equipment, resulting in a more satisfied client.
We conduct a risk assessment analysis for a rational & orderly approach for providing a comprehensive solution to problem identification & probability determination. It identifies threats - anything that could adversely affect the enterprise or the assets and identifies the vulnerability, weakness flaws, holes or anything that may conceivably be exploited by a threat. Our success is further accredited to our Endeavour in changing management’s/people’s view from security & safety being a low priority area to co-partners in prevention of all types of resource loss in an organization & thus forming an important integral part of key management function.

We deliver by self-imposed standards of training, personnel & reliability for competing for business on value added, rather than price driven basis. Our commitment to the highest standards of integrity, quality, performance and an entrepreneurial corporate culture results in a flexible, responsive, market driven organisation. We offer our clients the latest in equipment & technology for combating risks & thereby reducing the probability of occurrence of an adverse event/incident/accident etc.
Our Values
  Conduct all corporate relationships according to the highest moral & ethical standards.
Attract & retain a skilled work force, using only the highest standards in the recruitment & selection of personnel.
Increase the productivity & professionalism of personnel all levels within the organisation by emphasizing sound initial training & ongoing training.
Develop & retain a prestigious client base & achieve meaningful market share goals for each business unit.
Set benchmarks of service & performance.

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