Fire Fighting - Hydrant Based
Pyroguard offers a range of Water Based Fire Protection Systems like Sprinkler, Hydrant, Pre-action Systems, Kitchen Hood System, High and Medium Velocity Mist Systems and Tank Foam System to suit individual fire protection needs.
A well designed and a well laid out Hydrant System forms the backbone of the entire fire fighting system.Hydrant Fire Protection System is designed to fight fire of huge proportions, in all classes of risks. It is designed to be in operation even if a part of the affected structure collapses. This system consists of yard hydrant piping systems, internal hydrant piping, hose reel drums, hose cabinets, internal and external hydrant valves and set of pumps.
The Hydrant System typically comprises of Fire Water Source, Pumps (Diesel, Electrical), Control Panel, System Piping, Control Valves and Hydrant Valves with Accessories.NBC, NFPA, TAC, IS, FM and Local Fire Authorities.All materials required for this system are available indigeneously.
The Sprinkler System typically comprises of Fire Water Source, Diesel and Electrical Pumps, Control Panel, Sprinkler Bulbs, System Piping, Control Valves and Annunciator Panel.
The sprinkler system is maintained under a stipulated pressure and the sprinkler bulbs are rated to fuse at a set temperature. In case of fire, the rise in temperature of the liquid inside the bulb causes it to fuse and release a fine jet of water over the seat of fire, thus extinguishing it. The bursting of the bulbs and water spraying action causes the line pressure to drop, which in turn triggers the fire pumps into operation, thereby, supplying the required quantity of water into the system. The coverage area of the sprinkler bulb is designed as per the hazard category of fire specified in NFPA, and regulation provided by the Indian National Building Code of India.

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Reason and Prevention

One of the major hazards associated with firefighting operations is the toxic environment created by combusting materials. The four major hazards associated with these situations are as follows:
Smoke, which is becoming increasingly dangerous due to the rise in synthetic household materials.
Oxygen deficient atmosphere, 21% O is normal, 19.5% O is considered oxygen deficient.
Elevated Temperatures
Toxic atmospheres

To combat these potential effects, firefighters carry self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA; an open-circuit positive pressure compressed air system) to prevent smoke inhalation. These are not oxygen tanks; they carry compressed air. SCBA usually hold 30 to 45 minutes of air, depending upon the size of the tank and the rate of consumption during strenuous activities.

Fire elements::
There are four elements needed to start and sustain a fire and/or flame. These elements are classified in the “fire tetrahedron” and are:
Reducing agent (fuel)
Self-sustained chemical chain reaction
Oxidizing agent (oxygen)

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