Aspiration Detection System
Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology is a smoke detector that draws air into its sensor through a pipe network. This approach enables Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology has to deliver highly accurate and discreet Very Early Warning Fire Detection that meets the needs of a variety of environments.

To minimise false alarms and unnecessary gas release, we recommend the use of early warning aspiration smoke detectors. By constantly monitoring airflow, these highly sensitive detectors detect the slightest signs of smoke, providing an early warning signal that enables immediate preventative action, before the fire can take hold.

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Applications of Aspiration Detection System

Space monitoring: high-rack warehouses and distribution centres, archive rooms, intermediate ceilings and raised floors, large halls, museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas, cultural artefact collections, historical buildings, airports, information technology and computer centres, telecommunication centres, laboratory and research centres, electronic measuring rooms, transformer rooms, clean rooms.

Property monitoring: telecommunication facilities, high and low voltage distribution cabinets, display cases, IT installations, electricity distribution cabinets, CNC control systems.

Concealed applications: protection of cultural assets, prison cells, aesthetically sensitive architecture.

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