CCTV - Video Surveillance System

Pyroguard has been developing innovative, high level security solutions for clients since 1999. We are dedicated exclusively to offering high-technology security & life safety systems.We work with Commercial & Government entities and also many Fortune 500 companies to provide solutions from the initial conception & design ... all the way to final completion and implementation.

SmartWatch provides everything form single systems to integrated, packaged systems involving surveillance, intrusion detection, access control, fire alarm & mass notification systems, all working together for maximum protection.

SmartWatch strives to keep abreast of the most advanced, cutting edged products in the CCTV market.We design and provide installation, and follow these services with the critical maintenance & service required to keep systems running at 100% proficiency.

Whether your project requires a single camera or a thousand cameras. Whether you need a stand-alone system or a networked system bringing together multiple locations ... the team at Pyroguarrd can assist you.


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Access Control System

Pyroguard can provide much more than simple control and protection. It gives an overview of your entire facility's operation.

Information such as who entered / exited specific areas at a specific time can be a valuable management tool and access control systems provide complete detailed reports on almost anything being supervised by the system (during hours of operation, after hours and even on holidays).

Access can be granted (or denied) to authorized users in specific areas certain times...on certain days... All as you decide and program.

Pyroguard has a wide selection of access control hardware and software packages to match your exact needs and will assist you in implementing a system that gives you unlimited latitude in how you manage your operation, whether its one or multiple buildings in your system.

ACCESS CONTROL SOLUTIONS for a wide range of markets. corporate facilities & campuses to small business properties.


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